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12-21-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Cutting the salary floor in half would solve alot. But you're against that too. The NFL has more revenue period. A clawback is not going to solve owners problems.
i would be all for cutting the salary floor all together. and getting rid of arbitration. those are problems that force a lower revenue market team to pay to much for salaries. It doesn't matter that the NFL has more revenue. the NHL has plenty of revenue for the number of total employees and expenses they have. there is no reason that every team in the league cannot be highly profitable with their current revenues. The CBA is the problem. Players are way overvalued in the system.

Have you seen how high ticket prices are currently? There is no way the NHL can sustain the increases in revenues they have seen through increased ticket prices. Eventually attendance will go down. And if many teams are losing money than salaries are the most reasonable way to become profitable. I am sure travel is a big expense as well.

For some reason people seem to think the players getting 57 percent is fair. I don't see that. The owners have to pay for the referees, coaches, general managers, scouts, office space, travel etc. etc.

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