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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Let's back up here.

First, welcome! Good to see another MN guy. We're taking over!

Second, I've known guys who came from skating shinny or inline to ice and starter in beginner league and TORE UP. You'll probably be moving way up the food chain in the next year or two. Keep at it.

Third, how do the skates fit? Is the heel locked into place or does it move around? Does the foot rotate in the boot or is it locked in? It sounds like the skate fits fine. You want it to fit like an extremely rigid glove so that you can transfer all your power to the blades and have the most control over the edges. Any movement within the boot can rob you of both.

Fourth, when you say you can't scrape the ice to make snow, is it just that the edge digs in too much? How often do you get the skates sharpened?

I hate to be obvious, but the angle of the skates to the ice is important, as is your lean. Ideally you want to keep your ankles straight so your boot is in line with your leg rather than ankles bent in or out (see the picture Ponder posted).

I will say don't sleep on that quick turn either, if you're strong enough and in good shape, you can keep your feet moving and your momentum while other guys are wasting time stopping and starting.
Jarick-Thanks for helping out, been here in MN since '09, Chicago before then, but grew up most of my life in suburban detroit/lifelong Red Wings fan.

I do think purely from a skating standpoint, I'm the best one out there, not necessarily in muscle strength, but in precision/turning. I can hold a one footed inside edge, very sharp angle crouched down, around the circle pretty much perfectly, for example, while many of them wobble all over the place and are rigid as a board. I feel like I've spent 16 years on my inside edge (wheels) and so if anything it's too comfortable for me, in terms of stopping.

Skate fit-From what I read it fits fine lengthwise. I bought a 9.5 E CCM because I'm pretty sure I have slightly wider feet than average. Got them remeasured last weekend at a different shop, and he said I could get away with a normal width skate, but that I'm basically right on the fence between D/E. So maybe my ankle bend while stopping is the fact I'm not a full-fledged E width?

Ice scraping-yes, when I do that my ankle habitually turns inward, unless I 100% concentrate on not doing so. This is the same reason I can't snowplow. Coach pulled me with both of us holding the same stick, and she kept pointing out every time I started leaning on the inside edge. It was a LOT.

When you start a hockey stop, what is actually keeping your ankles straight? The natural inertia of the movement would lend itself to bending, no? So is it a deliberate resisting of that force? If so, that's why I'm wondering if taping would help, as another layer of resistance to that momentum.

Your last comment was the first time I've thought of this habit as a positive on ice; I always thought it helped me on wheels, as I never had to come to a complete stop, thus could get a head start on going the other direction. I think the lack of hockey stopping is mainly a detriment in situations where I'm going too fast to do a c-cut, or too close to the boards/other people.

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