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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Based on this argument the players should have taken the first club over the head from the league and said "Thank you". "Please feel free to lock us out any time you want more from us". "If there is anything else we can do to help you chop our compensation by all means just ask".
This is the thought process that really bugs me. In my view, as cruel and "draconian" as the owners have been, all they really want is to make a decent profit. But they will always treat those that make it happen fairly. Those are the players and the countless other people they employ to run the operation. It takes so much to run a team. An owner knows and is responsible financially for all of it. Players have to understand that. The NHL needs some ability to run the league at least financially the way they see it. That's their job. Players job is to make the product the best it can be. But make no mistake, if its not this exact group of players, it would be another. If the playersare really so bothered by how the NHL wants to run business, there are a multitude of other leagues they can join. Hell they could all do to swizterland and make that the elite hockey league. Problem is, they wont get even class to the same royal treatment they get from the NHL and its owners. The league is what allowed this business to grow. The league is what lured fans in and kept them around. The players come and go and get rich while they are around. They talk about making concessions but really they are only conceding what the owners decided to give them for the sake of makng their team competetive. They are conceding what was GIVEN to them not what us rightfully theirs.

If the players had just "bent over" and taken the fair offer owners presented, they would be just fine. And Im pretty damn confident that if the league continued trending upward, they would most definitely NOT host another lockout. What could they gain from that? Nothing.

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