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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
Haha true but I was using a Stastny so it can't get much worse. Plus Bondra is my all time favorite, so I might just suck it up if I don't like it.

One of those things that if I don't try it, i'll never know. Completely unrevelant but i'm ordering some Pineapple Crush for my Dad for Christmas, freshly canned in Hawaii. I'd never get it if I didn't try, but it's $60 per 24 cans. Sounds like bull but live and let live!
Fair enough, if it's just for kicks and you're willing to eat the cost if you don't like the curve, then there's not much harm in giving it a shot. It'll kind of suck if you DO love the curve though, then you'll have to stick with custom wood blades, or shell out for expensive custom OPS sticks. Either way you'll never be able to, say, pick up high end retail OPS stick when they go on clearance for great prices. I know I personally went on a long "quest for the perfect curve," trying out many pro stock and unconventional curves, but I eventually decided to just find the retail curve that worked best for me, and stuck with that.

As for the comparisons between the pro Bondra and retail Lidstrom, both are open curves with square toes, but otherwise I see some pretty major differences. The Lidstrom is a heel curve, while from the BradD's picture the Bondra appears to be a mid-toe curve. I agree that the curve shape looks reasonably similar to the old Easton Shanny, except a bit more open. I do agree with most of the responses in terms of the curve being quite open, looks similarly open to a Drury/Lidstrom (maybe even a touch more), I really don't think it's just the angle that the blade is being held at. The rocker looks absolutely huge/ridiculous though, way bigger than any retail curve (including the Shanny, which had a moderate rocker).

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