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Originally Posted by skydog71 View Post
Here's an interesting thought... if you contracted a rich team like Toronto ($200 million/year revenue according to Forbes), the salary cap would drop by $200 million * 0.57 / 31 = $3.68 million per team. This move would push 3 teams that are currently losing money (Capitals, Sharks, Predators) into the black.

If you also contracted the Rangers & Canadiens ($368 million/year in revenue), the cap would drop another $368 million * 0.57 / 29 = $7.23 million per team. This would make the Wild, Ducks, Sabres, Hurricanes & Blues profitable.

So we've basically saved 8 franchises by eliminating the 3 richest franchises. That's kind of messed up when you think about it.

Forbes NHL valuations:
This is what I have been saying all along. And the fact that the Capitals sell out every game at ridiculous prices and still lose money shows that the league is broken.

the problem with the whole scenario of trying to contract the three biggest markets is that they would have a court battle on their hands. Just like contracted the bottom market teams. Contracting teams is not something that is an option. The whole contracting the bottom revenue teams argument just doesn't make sense.

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