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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
True Grit? No Country for Old Man? There Will be Blood? Black Swan? Let the Right One in? The Hurt Locker?
My rankings

The Dark Knight: A+

True Grit: Very good movie with some great performances, but it doesn't rank up there with TDK for me. I have True Grit at an A-.

No Country for Old Men: This could rival TDK, however, I've yet to seen it in it's entirety (a crime, I know). I have heard fantastic things about said film and should get around to seeing it ASAP.

There Will Be Blood: *See No Country for Old Men*

Black Swan: I loved this film. When I first saw it, it left me in awe. I think after re-watching it several times, it's not AS fantastic as I once perceived it to be, but I still love that film. A.

Let The Right One In: Another film I've yet to see, however, this is different from that of No Country or There Will Be Blood. This film doesn't seem too appealing to me and I've heard that it was a good film, but I doubt it would come close to TDK standards for me.

Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Quite possibly the least deserving "Best Picture" of all time (IMO), in quite possibly the worst year for movies in the last three decades (IMO). To this day, I have no idea how it even got nominated, let alone won the damned award.

1999 NHL Entry Draft Class >>> 2010 Oscar season
I'm beginning to realize that Bonk and I have very, very similar taste in film. I saw The Hurt Locker the day of the 2010 Oscars. I was looking forward to it and kept hearing great things. I was definitely interested.

What a bomb. No pun intended.

To this day, I can't stand this film because of how much hype it got. I don't understand how the hell that movie could win an Oscar for BEST PICTURE!? The nomination itself felt out of place, especially for a film that bombed so badly at the box office. There was ONE good thing about that film, in my opinion, and that was the acting of both Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie. Other than that, I hate that film. I probably hate it more than it deserves, but seeing it win the Oscar over much, much more deserving films ticked me off.

To this day, I still think it won purely on the content of the film. I'll just keep on pretending that District 9 won.

EDIT: Oh, and on the topic of personal favorite films of all-time, I'll let my Nolan fanboy-ism shine on some more with Memento. Closely followed by American History X.

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