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12-21-2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by CombatOnContact View Post
I also think its absolutely crap that the PA is fighting for future players. Maybe some truly are, but the majority (and certainly not the leadership) is fighting for THIS group and this group only. Ask most future NHLers and I bet they dont know dont care too much and just want a healthy functioning league to join once they get there. The current PA is not helping to make that happen. In fact, they seem to be doing the opposite. Fighting against the future, not for it.
So what do you propose they do? Should they just automatically cough up whatever the league asks for? Remember the league that said they needed the concessions from the last lockout to be profitable? Now they come back for more. It isn't like the owners actually have any interest in a fair deal. They want as much as they can take for themselves. Period. Being rich business owners doesn't just turn them into good people. They are the robber barons of our society seeking to take more and more from those who have less than they do. If you really want to see hockey uninterrupted by lockouts you should be rooting for the players to make this process as painful as possible to the owners. Otherwise the countdown is already ticking for the next lockout.

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