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Some more ankle tips:

- When gliding your ankles are kept straight, like this:

- When really striding/pushing out with your inside edge, your ankle should bend slightly towards the ice, like this, to allow you to push at a sharper angle:

Note that the GLIDING ankle is straight, while the PUSHING ankle is angled towards the ice a bit.

- Likewise, when really striding/pushing off your outside edge, your ankle should again bend slightly towards the lice, to allow you to push at a sharper angle:

- When turning sharply using both feet, both ankles will bend slightly towards the ice:

Most experienced skaters do this as second nature, they don't even think about it, and may not even realize they're bending their ankles like this when striding/turning, but it's how you stride/turn effectively. Also note that the angles are pretty subtle, your ankles never bend much, they just bend a bit to help you turn sharper and stride out harder.

I will admit that I'm ever so slightly unsure about why I do with respect to ankle bend when stopping. I *think* I keep them stright, but next time I go to the rink I'm going to pay more attention to what my ankles do when stopping to make sure.

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