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12-21-2012, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
So what do you propose they do? Should they just automatically cough up whatever the league asks for? Remember the league that said they needed the concessions from the last lockout to be profitable? Now they come back for more. It isn't like the owners actually have any interest in a fair deal. They want as much as they can take for themselves. Period. Being rich business owners doesn't just turn them into good people. They are the robber barons of our society seeking to take more and more from those who have less than they do. If you really want to see hockey uninterrupted by lockouts you should be rooting for the players to make this process as painful as possible to the owners. Otherwise the countdown is already ticking for the next lockout.
Whats your basis for this? Where does this come from? Seems like it might be based on your own envious nature. You may be rigjt that some of these owners are just as you say they are, but I would bet that most are not. Theres probably a whole lot we dont know about these owners, their business(es), and what they do with their money.

In any case, this notion that the owners are just doing yhe lockout to pick a little bit more cash from the players pockets is absolutely ridiculous and has zero basis. What the owners are doing is trying to make sure they can all turn a profit and at the same time share an equal playing field when it comes to paying players. That is the purpose of this. They want to make the league better and sustainable for 30 teams present and potentially more teams in the future. Do you think players have that in mind? Probably not. Should they? Absolutely not.

The owners wont have anothet lockout if the system works for them. They will if it doesnt.

They made many mistakes last time and that is why theres another lockout. If they make mistakes again then they will want to have another. But seems to me a lot of what they are pushing for is to close gaps and loopholes in an otherwise sound business structure for a competetive sports league. Remind me What are the pplayers pushing for again.. aside from making sure they can maximize every penny they can make.

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