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Originally Posted by WeissFC View Post
For what it's worth, here's my take on Sean Day
Only thing that bugs me when people criticize decision making and risky play from players that are exceptional is that they don't acknowledge the possibility, or at least they don't acknowledge it in writing, that his risky decisions may be present because he's playing at a much higher level than his peers and can get away with it. Perhaps his risk/reward decision on many of these plays is that most times he'll come away with it, and make a play, keep the puck in, or he'll miss but catch the guy and keep danger at bay...or there's a chance it results in a chance/goal for the other team.

I've seen several times it mentioned that he doesn't need to try. People are talking about the fact that he physically doesn't have to try. If that's the case, he may be a bit too loose mentally as well.

All I know, if I skated at 14 like this kid does, at 6'2'6'3 195 pounds......and he clearly has hockey skills, anything below the CHL would seem like a joke. You will never get the best out of anyone under those circumstances.

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