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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
One last point about stops vs. turning. When turning, you often get your weight more on your heel, and you look in the direction that you turn (i.e. you look to the left to turn to the left). When stopping, get your weight on the middle of your blade, and keep looking forward. DO NOT start turning into the stop, just quickly rotate your skates 90 degrees while keeping all of your momentum moving forward.

This video isn't the best example, as he's super choppy on his outside edge, but you get the idea. You don't start turning, you just rotate your blade and scrape while keeping your momentum going forwards:
Eureka I think I figured out another missing piece-I'm pretty sure that's what my coach actually meant when he said I start turning my ankles before I stop, that I'm actually turning into it before I do it, thus the sharp C-cut, usually ending up 90 degrees rotated from where I was facing to start. Thanks!

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