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12-21-2012, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
His issue is that TG has been posting things throughout the lockout under the premise of "i'm hearing xyz..." or "the talk is that xyz..." but nothing has happened. He's frustrated that nothing is happening, as am I, so he's tired of hearing it. He is also more than likely suspicious of TG's sources and could possibly believe that he doesn't have any at all.

When you put your neck out on a message board and claim to have inside knowledge or know someone who knows someone, you are opening yourself up to criticism. TG has said A LOT in this and previous lock out threads but here we are, seemingly at the same place we have been. When that happens, it is inevitable that the poster claiming to know things will be attacked...even happened to old board mainstay Surly Jacob during the Doughty negotiation.
I will stand on what I have said and posted here over the past several years and find it odd that anyone would get so upset about what I have posted or really what anyone else has either.

The thing that often gets overlooked is that in this situation were are discussing a negotiation and while I do hear things and post what I hear they don't happen in a vacuum so I have no control of what happens when I hear things and as I have said throughout this entire thread I am posting the things that I hear and that is all that I am doing.

I use phrases like "take it for what its worth"etc to remind people that while I have been correct in the past and posted things that happened ahead of the media they were usually regarding player/personnel transactions and typically not about situations like the lockout.

I hear what I hear and I post it. Take it or leave it, I am good with it, honestly.

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