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Originally Posted by rumman View Post
Maybe having a team that can't pay their players isn't a good idea, either move said team to a market that can sustain a NHL franchise or contract the league, its ******** to base league revenues around teams that are in unviable markets. This isn't the player's fault, it's Bettmans.
As someone who is pro-NHLPA, the "fault" rests on no one particular party more than the other.

Players want jobs, that means the NHL must expand.

Where I do find some fault, though, is where the NHL refuses to explore other avenues of cost re-structuring. They keep going back to the same well; the players and their incomes.

If the NHL explored other programs like better redistribution, re-structuring the NHL schedule to have better/more rivalry games, having a cap on management team fees, having playoff games at a larger venue (like the Superbowl with higher ticket prices), etc. I wouldn't find fault in their current debacle.

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