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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
It also goes against every business doctrine that anyone capable of making money would accept. You don't sacrifice the cash cows so the dogs can live another day.
But the Leafs aren't a cash cow for anybody except the Leafs. Maybe if there was more than 4.5% revenue sharing. But as it currently stands, for every dollar that Toronto makes above the league average, the other teams get $0.045 in income (revenue sharing) and a bill for $0.57 from the players.

The opposite is true with Phoenix. For every dollar that Phoenix loses, the other teams get to pay their players $0.57 less. Having poor teams like Phoenix drives down the salary cap, enabling rich teams to make even more money. This is why you have some teams like the Leafs making $80 million/year. In some respects, the Leafs' cash cow isn't a cow at all and is actually a Coyote.

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