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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
Yep, game ended Kladno winning 5:4, Jagr with 4 points.

Jagr is a monster. He was out on the ice from 2:00 left while winning to be on the ice when they pulled the goalie. He and one other Kladno player totally dominated and kept the puck behind the other team's goal for a solid minute, and with 30 seconds left Jagr took the penalty after being on the ice for 1:30 straight. It's not that he was tired and took a stupid penalty, he was so amped up to get the 5 point game that he cross checked a defender away from the puck and the guy flopped down on the ice. As soon as the penalty was called Jagr looked SOOO pissed and raged towards the penalty box because of the what appeared to be soft call. What a fun final period that started 1:1

I found this quote from a czech website:

"Jagr threw gloves and stick, then destroyed Pardubice. Perhaps the first time I blew says"

I guess, in the first period, after Jagr's goal he got called for a penalty and lost it, throwing his gloves and stick on the ice?!?! I missed the first and second, can any of the czech friends help translate the article to figure out what happened? I think Jagr was upset at the call against him in the first. This makes sense seeing how he reacted when he was called for the penalty at the end of the game.

i don't remember exactly but it was something like this.

He was angry because they lost the lead so fast twice and even were losing then, on facebook he posted he threw his stick, gloves, destroyed everything on bench and he didn not even want to go play once more, he did only because of penalty and now you see how it turned out . Also on facebook he apologized to fans for being mad, because just 2 days before that he posted that we should go through everything with smile , following his facebook is so much fun these days

also about refs, some days ago, he was complaining about them not calling fauls refs do call in NHL, but not here,i forgot the funny name he named them

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