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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
A) Half the players that have signed overseas have come running back because they hate it, like Kyle Turris and Derrick Brassard. If you're going 'home' like the Russians, that's one thing but that doesn't do the North American kids any good.
B) All they'd be doing is vulturing jobs from 'other' people, at a fraction of the salary they'd be making here...some union. And yet if the owners tried to replace them with replacement players they'd be up in arms crying scab.
Well the players who came back were playing outside of the top leagues in Europe... but I might be wrong. Europeans fly to NA to play hockey, so why couldn't NA's fly to Europe to play the game they love?

They wouldn't be stealing anyone's job, it's a business, period. I your boss has someone better in sight, he'll sign him for the good of the company and his own job. At the moment, the players are making didly squat, so earning something is better then nothing

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