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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
how many Americans have ever asked or gotten exceptional status?

going out on a limb here and will say 0... end discussion.

also, how much interest did Tyler Myers show Canada before his jump?? or same with Jamie Oleksiak? these kids dont need some long history or track record to prove their usually happens real fast and real close to draft...and usually involves what helps their future career so dont kid yourself, Day will say whatever needed right now to better his career.
It really just sounds like you're giving yourself false hope with past cases of players that had to pick between being a Canadian or American, which aren't even close to being close to Day's story. He and his parents have said themselves that they're Canadian, his two parents are even from Canada, why would he be saying this only to switch, when he'd get exceptional status regardless?

Like bruinsfan46 said there hasn't been any Americans close enough in skill to be considered for 1st overall. Galchenyuk was the closest but he didn't and he still went 1st overall in his draft. So you can't make that statement that "no americans have gone first, end of story". Exceptional status was only formed with Tavares a little while ago, before that it was just if the player was good enough he can play with his hometown OHL team as a underager, then get drafted the following year. I'm sure if/when a American applies and if he's good enough he'll be granted.

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