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Originally Posted by Goat Boy View Post
I've never understood the mentality that people should cheer for the country they happen to be from.

Most people don't get to choose where they are born. If you don't have a choice in something, what is there to be proud of?
Nationalism is silly. Saying I'm Canadian is as relevant to me as saying I have a certain colour hair, or am of a certain height, or was born on a certain date. I don't cheer for people just because they have same same hair colour, or are my height, or were born on the same day as me. And I don't necessarily cheer for people born in the same place as me, either. "Canadian" is a description of what I am. It's not who I am.
It's part of your can be proud of something that you are not in control of, just like you can be ashamed of something you aren't. I've talkin to several Americans that are ashamed of their country.

Your father can **** your neighbor and go to jail for it and humiliate the family. You had no control over this, but you'll be ashamed.

Personally, I don't really care who wins the tournament. Most of the hockey games I watch I don't care who wins though. No one understands how I can still be fully engaged in a 10-1 game.

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