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12-21-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by skydog71 View Post
But the Leafs aren't a cash cow for anybody except the Leafs. Maybe if there was more than 4.5% revenue sharing. But as it currently stands, for every dollar that Toronto makes above the league average, the other teams get $0.045 in income (revenue sharing) and a bill for $0.57 from the players.

The opposite is true with Phoenix. For every dollar that Phoenix loses, the other teams get to pay their players $0.57 less. Having poor teams like Phoenix drives down the salary cap, enabling rich teams to make even more money. This is why you have some teams like the Leafs making $80 million/year. In some respects, the Leafs' cash cow isn't a cow at all and is actually a Coyote.
The solution isn't to get rid of Toronto, but the system that forces that on those smaller teams, undoubtedly a system they wanted and one where they allowed UFA age to decrease to 27. Toronto can only employee about 22 players.

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