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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Myers had a big reason to: if he had stayed in Houston, he likely would not have even ended up becoming a hockey player.
IIRC he's said himself that he'd likely be in basketball or volleyball if it weren't for the move.

As for everything else, no comment.
Arguing over this when the kid himself has made things pretty clear is pointless if you don't want to acknowledge any of what he says.
He's at least two years away from any IIHF competition anyways.
yeah I read his biography...

"Tyler Myers played hockey in Texas, but didnt know how to skate. He didnt understand what a stick was and how to move the puck. Before leaving to Canada with his family, Tyler was only 3'8 inches and was considered a circus freak. But the moment he crossed the border, Tyler grew to nearly 6'6 inches, had a 90mph slap shot, skated like the wind, and clearly knew what a stick was...his catch phrase also changed instantly from "ya'll" to "take off eh".... something like that I suppose??

Tyler Myers was an all-star player before he even skated in Canada. He was an excellent athlete prior to that as well, and assuming he wouldnt of continued to play hockey is silly as well. Tell that to Chris Brown, Colin Jacobs, Stefan Noesen, etc...all different amount of years in Texas, but all doing okay playing hockey...

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