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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
For example if NHL found a way to cancel the TV deal revenue would go down and the cap would be lower. That doesn't mean any teams would be saved by it.
That depends on the TV deal cancelled. If the Leafs had a TV deal worth $45 million that was cancelled, then the Leafs would lose $45 million in revenue. The players would lose 57% * $45 million = $25.65 million. Or about $855,000 per team. So the Leafs would lose about $44.15 ($45 million - $855,000) and all the other teams would make $855,000 (by having their expenses lowered by $855,000).

If it was a national TV deal worth $30 million, then each team would lose $1 million and would have the effect of reducing each team's cap by $430,000. So each team would lose $570,000.

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