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12-21-2012, 04:46 PM
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Originally Posted by nona weisbaum View Post
That really has to suck. So many games have been missed that I kind of don't even miss hockey all that much tbh. You get so used to it that it just doesn't really matter. But what really irritates me is knowing that it will be next to impossible for me to be excited for these guys when they do start playing again. I don't relate to these players or their fight, and it would be so much worse if there were idiot quotes coming from the Devils' players. I'm at least grateful that they've stayed away from the negative press.
Really sucks for Hawk fans

- Brouwers continued idiot remarks
- Versteeg comparing Daly/Fehr to cancer
- Toews clear lack of understanding how real world works
- Monty's been as bad as the "Lockout problems" crowd with his complaining
- Jamal Mayers being one of Fehr's right hand men pushting for hardline stance
- Bolland cheerfully supporting harm to Bettman

Just really sucks ,, Like I said only Hawk to speak like an adult and actually sound like someone speaking from heart this lockout is Patrick Kane

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