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12-21-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Haj View Post
All the "movement" the NHL has done has been off their ridiculously insulting first offer. Then they portray that movement in the media as if they are generous.

If you want to blame the players you can blame them for choosing Donald Fehr to represent them. His negotiation strategy is ruthless(it has to be) and Bettman/owners hate dealing with him. I think he is doing a great job for the players.

One thing that is beyond confusing is the way both sides want to play the media/public/fan perception. There is no way either side would allow a 3rd party's opinion to alter what they want.

No one is ever going to think: "Hey, (Bob Mckenzie or Fan X) is really pissed off, maybe we should move off our demands."

Perhaps I'm being melodramatic, but this feels like a bad break up, in the sense that I now hate looking at the NHL logo, watching NHL network, or highlights on youtube. **** all of them.
So.. What number should the NHL have started with that wouldn't show the leagues weakness in wanting to get a deal done, would have reached the 50-50 level in HRR, and would have been accepted at 50-50 by FEHR before now?

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