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12-21-2012, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
I would love to see this explained. Honestly, and I try very hard not to be condescending in my replies to people, but the above is a pretty outlandish comment.

It is a verifiable fact that more than half of the NHL teams are doing no better than breaking even. Couple that with the situations in Atlanta, Phoenix, Long Island, Dallas, etc I think it's pretty clear that the NHL is not 'healthy'.

You are basically proposing the players bite the hand that feeds them. Also, I hate to tell you this but the owners are simply going to pass that along to us the fans. Those players trying to convince you the owners are evil and they deserve more money? They are essentially taking it directly out of your pocket.
Actually they have taken it out of my pocket before but they won't again so that part is covered. It is pretty obvious that the official sports league standard for negotiations is to lock out the players right from the start. This is the 3rd cba in a row where the NHL has locked out and missed all or some of its season. If the players simply conceded everything the owners proposed the owners would still be back at the end of the deal demanding more. This is a fact and there is absolutely no evidence to refute it.

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