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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Actually they have taken it out of my pocket before but they won't again so that part is covered. It is pretty obvious that the official sports league standard for negotiations is to lock out the players right from the start. This is the 3rd cba in a row where the NHL has locked out and missed all or some of its season. If the players simply conceded everything the owners proposed the owners would still be back at the end of the deal demanding more. This is a fact and there is absolutely no evidence to refute it.
There is really no evidence to the contrary either. The league was never 'healthy' during any of those negotiations so we don't really know what a profitable league would look like. You would assume if the owners (on the whole) were making money they would be a lot less willing to miss games. Making any amount of money is better than losing any amount of money (something the players, or the Hostess bakers, seem to not understand)

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