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12-21-2012, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Garyboy View Post
What leads you to this conclusion? If they had no interest in giving a worthy American exceptional player status, I don't see why so many Canadian based teams would have top prospect Americans on their roster. As other have said, granting an American exceptional status would make them that much more of a viable option down the road for other top American prospects to consider. It's a win/win for the CHL.

I'm just having a hard time trying to see where you're coming from.
I agree that it makes sense for growth of the game, but this is still the Canadian Hockey League, not the North American Hockey League... and whether you like it or not, they still want to feel as though they (Canada) only develope those generational talents...or close to that level of talent. I call it ego or holding on to that can say I am wrong, and thats fine, but I havent been proven incorrect yet as it hasnt happened yet. I have no idea if any US kid has asked for exceptional status, but I dont see it a promising quest for an American kid since it has never happened and I personally doubt it ever will..I am pro CHL way more than most US posters, and I can have my opinion on this which I will stand by as I doubt I will ever be proven wrong..

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