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12-21-2012, 05:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DEVILS ALL THE WAY View Post
Baseball has to be the sport were team play isn't all that important. If you have solid talent at the plate, on the mound and can avoid the injury bug, you have a solid shot at making the playoffs if you're dressing a superior lineup then the team you are facing.

The Jays are making all the right moves ATM and they are contenders when looking at their lineup... on paper. Now, they just have to execute on the field and the results should be there.

The Yankees have been on top of the world for years cause they've been investing more money then any other baseball team in the league, period. When you dish out cash like they do, it just has to pay off and the results are there to prove it. It's no surprise that the Royals have been bottom feaders since god knows when.

The only exception is the Oakland A's. They have a tight budget and always compete for the AL West but like in anything, there's always exceptions to the rule.
What about the Rays? They aren't a money spending franchise either.

Look at the Dodgers, Cubs and even the Angels in recent years, where did there big payrolls lead them.

So no, the Yankees aren't good only because of their payroll. They're good because they're a world class franchise that continuously pumps out talent.

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