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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Free throws play a large role in deciding the winner of basketball games, and they're much like a shootout in that they're different from most of what happens during a game. Field goals play a large role in deciding the winner of football games, and again they're pretty different than the rest of the game. The only reason basketball and football don't need a free throw contest or field goal contest to decide games is that they tend to be decided fairly quickly on their own, because they're high scoring spots. Hockey is low scoring, you can't have 40+ minutes of OT on a regular basis during the regular season, so we need to either accept ties or accept shootouts. If you're so opposed to shootouts, shouldn't you also be equally opposed to penalty shots (in hockey), free throws (in basketball) and field goals (in football), since they're essentially all "skills contests" that can decide the winner of a game?

Also, loser points were not introduced because of shootouts. They were introduced a few years before shootouts (before the first lockout), when teams would tie after OT. The league wanted to encourage teams to be more aggressive during OT, so they wouldn't "play for the tie," so they made it so that you still got your "tie" point even when you lost in OT. If you want to talk about gimmicks, loser points were a gimmick introduced specifically to discourage playing for a tie, but now that ties are gone they seem pointless to me.
Why would I be opposed to field goals, free throws or penalty shots? Your logic makes zero sense. All three of those are and have been a part of their respective sports for decades, basically since the invention of the games. They weren't added in later as the definitive aspect to decide a game that has been played to a draw. Horrible logic.

Loser Points are Loser Points as it is now, who cares how they evolved? [besides no one]

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