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12-21-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
Fehr was hired because the players believe he is an expert at what he does and they believe he will get them the best deal they can get. I believe they will see this through.
To what end?

Do you believe the owners will at any point agree to any plan that see's them lose more money? The players have a LOT more to lose here than the owners do. These are billionaires with other, larger, ventures who are either using the NHL as a tax shelter or an expensive diversion. The players rely on the NHL for their working wage.

Ask yourself this, if the NHL ceased to exist tomorrow, who would be worse off, the players or the owners? Of the two groups, which group is more willing to turn off the lights rather than concede to the other?

Guys like Crosby and Suter will be fine, but the majority of the NHL is full of guys like Dominic Moore. Guys making a few million at most (many league minimum) who need that money to last them the rest of their lives. Guys who know they might not even be in the NHL in a few years if their legs give out or they hurt a knee. Those guys cannot afford to miss a season, let alone two.

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