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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
The NHLPA executive hired Fehr to get rid of the cap.
I am almost sure of it now.

It seems hard to believe, given that the union has agreed to what amounts to a several year wage freeze and restrictions on contract.

It doesn't make much sense to me that the PA would move so close to the NHL's offer and then draw the line on certain things (most notably--5 year vs 8 year contracts and who pays for the damage caused by the lockout ... an issue that gets bigger each day).

It doesn't make sense unless you consider that Fehr is counting on the NHL owners' greed, pride and arrogance -- that will lead the NHL into locking out the PA.

Fehr couldn't put the cap on the table from the beginning because the hockey media, pro-owner as it is, would revolt. In fact, moderate players would not have the stomach for it.

So Fehr has been stringing this out, offering bits here and there... knowing the greedy owners would never accept anything he proposed.

He's offered just enough to make the moderates think the PA has given (and the PA has given-- there's no denying who has made the real concessions and who hasn't).

The NHL is not going to get the deal the NFL or NBA got with Fehr at the table. That's obvious. Unless they find a bludgeon.

When the NHL cancels the season, Fehr and the executive will have exactly what they want... the fight to repeal the salary cap.

This lockout may last two years.
We've been telling you this for months.

It's good to see that we have brought you around to our line of thinking.

The one thing you are missing though is how the league will bring in replacement players next fall.

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