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Originally Posted by DatsRatchet View Post
& why not let them wait? The person who runs out of time let the whole entire pool wait.
I already answered this, it defeats the purpose as it makes the draft longer as they have to draft again at the end.

Phila answered it, it makes the pool less competitive, if people realize they have a pick that they could use for say Granlund, or Rakell in round 4 and they're told now they have to use that pick on someone like Elim Molin after the drasft is over, they might not want to play anymore, and how is that good? Making people not even care about the draft because they're being skipped and won't be competitive at all?

The onus shouldn't be on the other to say why an idea shouldn't be used, it should be on the person proposing the idea as to why it should be used. So why should we use that idea? Other than to punish people for not being here because the current system of skipping them and letting them pick when they get here punishes them too, except it's only dropping down 3 or 4 picks and not by half of a draft.

You say what happened with DuckJet when he got a player he didn't want because we picked for him to keep him competitive. Imagine what he would have felt like if his pick dropped from 22nd overall to 100th? He wouldn't have cared at all anymore at all.

I don't think anyone here has agreed with your idea so what's the point of asking someone why they don't agree when all of us don't agree?

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