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12-21-2012, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
That was four years ago, though, so I'm not sure that that reflects much on MXD's current opinion of Connell.

If we'd done this thing four years ago, Sawchuk would have been my certain #1. We all evolve.
I'd add -- I always thought, and I still do, that Connell was great pick WHERE HE WAS PICKED. That means, after 25th, and often pass 30.

Given that some guys are that in at this point or up for voting would be No Draft for me, and that time made me change my views on a few goalies (namely, Chuck Rayner and Roy Worters), well, saying that Connell was a great pick past 25th sorta make sense, considering whom (and for which ranks) we are voting for right now.

Besides, and TDDM would confirm this (TDDM, you have my permission to check and confirm), if we go by my master list, Connel would BARELY be available for voting this round. I might even have underrated him a bit (in other words, I was wrong to have him below Mike Liut, amongst others)

I just wish that I was clear that there is NO BIAS WHATSOEVER here. And I hope I was.

Besides, why EXACTLY would a guy with my background would show THAT SPECIFIC bias.

That's not Gerry McNeil or Felix Potvin we're talking about.

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