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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Actualllyy, hmmm, no ole boys club running the League, all teams that form the new League having equal power. You know, that might not be too bad. Assuming we wouldn't have to start off again with only 6 or 12 teams... Yuck!
There is no way a totally 'new' league would be viable for years and years and years, and that assumes you could find a bunch of rich idiots to pump hundreds of millions of dollars into it, which has a probability less than zero given the history of the NHL. Don't forget, if the league disbanded, all the teams would still own their names, logos, designs, arena contracts, etc. Anyone who thought they could get a new league off the ground would be in for a seriously rude lesson in what the costs associated with that would be.

The idea that there is any future of just setting aside the teams/owners that exist and replacing them with a new one is a fantasy.

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