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12-21-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
That's ridiculous. If the players had solely their own interests in mind, they would have caved long ago.

They're continuing the fight because their predecessors also made sacrifices in order to get salaries up to the current level. They're also continuing the precedent of having a strong union that will not roll over.
Very misguided if thats the case. Most predecessors that "made sacrifices" before them agree that they should better recognize just how good they have it and how fair it is. Most have realized that it truly is not a fight worth fighting. IF the league was truly being unfair, thats one thing. But this is not the case here. YES they are at fault also and deserve a ton of blame for this mess, especially because they had a chance theto get it right twice before, it cost them a season and a half, and they failed. But, be that as it may, can only hope they learned their mistakes and are now trying to right them. Players need to recognize that and let it go. Their predecessors wont think any less of them, and the future players will be better off and happier for it.

All that said, unfortunately the time for acceptance is long past. The NHL gave them plenty of chances (while failing to properly communicate with them). Now its fight or flight. Neithet side wants to end this thing without feeling that they "won" something.

Both sides are equally stupid for this, but reality is reality. And reality is the players are foolish for not understanding reality.

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