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12-21-2012, 05:51 PM
Mr Fahrenheit
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Make sure you hold your stick softly, enough so it you wont drop it if it gets hit, or your stick handling, passing and shooting will suffer, thats why they say someone whos snake bitten is gripping the stick too tight. I would also recommend that you hold your stick around your house just to be comfortable holding it, I think it helps and ive played with plenty of beginners who just dont look comfortable holding their stick even though they have been playing for a year+

If you ever do watch hockey (damn you lockout) watch how they play positionally because nothing irritates me more then people running around chasing the puck and leaving their position open or just in the wrong spot

Something people would do to practice skating off the ice is skating on your socks on a slippery white board

Also you might want to try agility ladders in your work out

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