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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post
Noob - Does difficulty really alter the shooting percentage? I always sim and play on Superstar; I tend to have a fewer SV% when I play but that's compensated by me allowing fewer shots. The CPU's SV% usually stays around the same as in the sims. Overall, scoring is still below real life values despite me maxing out penalties and simming with 0 on Goaltending reflexes (not sure if it makes a difference).
Strictly talking CPU vs. CPU, I had to make the following changes:

- Reduce shot accuracy to 0/6 for all 3 categories (which still resulted in an 11.6% shooting percentage over the 10 test games)
- Reduce period length to 10 minutes (to reduce # of shots per game)

Now, part of that is because the AI is better at setting up plays, so there are better scoring chances, but there is definitely a notable difference in terms of shooting accuracy, passing accuracy, pass reception, etc. even on 0/6 for all those sliders. On 1/6 on all-star, many point shots go wide by a foot or two just like in real life, but pretty much every point shot on 0/6 superstar hits the net.

If I could get realistic results with Superstar, I'd do it (for the smarter, more fluid AI) but I can't seem to get it without going back to super goalies making Save of the Year calibre saves multiple times every game.

The other interesting tidbit is that when I had that 14-0-1 streak going last season, that was ALL on Superstar. As soon as I turned it back to All-Star, Columbus came crashing back down to earth. It was completely bizarre that Columbus turned into this unstoppable force on the higher difficulty setting. The first game was 9-4 Columbus with 81 combined shots (Superstar, 12 min periods, 1/6 shooting accuracy) and then I tweaked from there until I got the # of shots down, but over those next 10 games, as I mentioned, the combined shooting percentages were far too high on 0/6 accuracy.

If you're simming, the sliders don't seem to have much (if any) effect on simulations.

Playing on Superstar seems different than CPU vs. CPU/Coach on Superstar from what I've observed, although I don't have the data to back that up (I can't stand playing on Superstar). I notice that you don't see the same garbage on CPU vs. CPU like Hal Gill outskating Sidney Crosby in a race for the puck or a player reaching through an opposing player to get the puck and then pulling it back through him. I'm guessing EA turns off/tones down the bias factor when it's CPU vs. CPU/Coach Mode.

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