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12-21-2012, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by weems View Post
He might have been playing a "safer" game but he was still sloppy defensively turning the puck over in bad spots and generally making questionable decisions like he always does. I have never once questioned his talent or said hes a bad prospect but hes certainly shaky defensively with below average hockeysense and these weakness's get majorily exposed in a tournament like this. I can understand if someone thinks Murphy shouldnt be there but Dumba really hasnt shown any reason why he should have made the team.

Dumba got cut and just a night or two later was playing on RSN. I flicked on the game and literally the first shift he had he made a play that had me scratching my head. He gets the puck in the offensive zone around the blueline, he trys to walk the line and theres plenty of room to his left. The opposing team has a player that is chasing him furiously and instead of continuing to skate the puck into the open space he tries to throw a backhand pass across the grain right in the oncoming players direction and it hits his shinpads and almost goes for a clear cut breakaway. Its just little plays like this that I would never see from someone who has good to above average hockeysense. They would understand the dangers of making a pass like that especially when theres literally tons of open space to the left.

He has the tools but just not sure he has the toolbox and this should continue to become evident as he plays better competition.
Matt Dumba is missing two S's on the end of his last name.

That's the way he plays hockey and is undersized. He will bust for sure.

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