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Originally Posted by Siberian View Post
I never said that. Read carefully, it is all in post#1.
"that a lot of middle level North American NHLers are not good enough to compete in the KHL"

You said a lot. We all know that the biggest north american stars wont move to the KHL anyways. So then u got the so called "middle level" players left. Feks Dallman, Cal O Rielly, Stapleton, Garnett, Lalande (not played in the NHL) etc And u also got Hodgman who hasnt played one single NHL match. So at least i can name a bunch of former NHLrs that do well in the KHL. Some of em like Dallman and Stapleton are key players for their teams. What these players got in common are that they used to be bottom liners in the NHL. So I cant find any evidence to support your claim that a lot of middle class NA NHLrs wont make it in the KHL.

There are hundreds of mediocre north american NHLrs. So ofc some of em wont be able to adapt to the KHL. When u got a huge bunch of different individuals, then its only natural that some might find it hard to adapt. Again I doubt it has anything to do with skillz, since the NHL is clearly the best league in the world. It has to do with rink size, loneliness, culture etc. Alot of things can affect the players. It has nothing to do with em being mediocre.

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