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12-21-2012, 06:59 PM
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Just have to say. Seeing Erik Karlsson on ice has been something amazing this season. He is just so good if he is on mood. Freak of nature. To be honest he is kind of too good to be playing in Finland. He brings the puck so easily to the offensive zone and calms the play down. It looks so easy. For being too good I mean he draws so much penalties against him that a lot of fouls against get uncalled. Difference of skill is just sometimes too big. His calmness on blueline is something. And his confidence to make some dekes on blueline.

He is the best offensive D-man I've ever seen live. (Well, he is a Norris trophy winner so no wonder) And he can be excellent at own end too, if he wants. He seems sometimes lazy but if he makes a mistake he will fix it usually and bachcheck lost puck pack.

I've hoped NHL season to begin but now after seeing Karlsson and Filppula dominating I may have changed my mind. Just have to hope Karlsson is staying in Helsinki whole lockout if the season gets cancelled. Sens fans will still have several years to watch Erik at his prime.

This post became one fanboy like but I'm so impressed. The Norris trophy winner, the best.

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