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12-21-2012, 07:54 PM
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Franzen didn't start being the lazy Franzen we know and love until after the second trip to the cup. He tore his ACL and after that he got progressively worse in terms of giving 100% effort on a consistent basis. What is Babcock supposed to do with a guy with a life time contract? Ken holland wouldn't trade Justin Abdelkader for Sidney Crosby. Babcock has no choice but to play Franzen. The fact that Babcock demoted him even with the contract and Holland's refusal to move players is kind of incredible. You can create a very ugly situation when you punish core players who realize they aren't going anywhere.

The guy was dogging it against Nashville. I remember one play in particular where the puck got sent into the boards in the wings defensive zone. Franzen looked at the puck and just stood there and watched a Nashville player retrieve the puck which allowed Nashville to maintain possession. I nearly had a stroke when I saw that happen.

Can you imagine the **** storm that would happen if Datsyuk or Z got demoted to the third line? I know it will never happen, but Franzen is supposed to be part of that core and being demoted once is one too many times, especially in the playoffs.

Franzen's gutless play is not some kind of HFBoards meme. It is very real and very frustrating to watch.

What makes this situation worse is the Wings lost Marian Hossa because of Franzen. I don't blame Holland since Franzen was playing like a monster at the time and you should take care of your homegrown guys in that situation, but the guy is making Ken Holland look like a chump when he decides to take a vacation during the playoffs before the Wings are eliminated.

You put Franzen on the Preds with somebody not named Datsyuk centering him, lets see how many goals "the mule" scores with the effort he has been giving as of late. That is what makes it so bad. You know the talent is there.

You don't get to not show up for weeks when you get a lifetime contract or not give 100% during the playoffs. You got 43 million dollars. Suck it up.

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