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12-21-2012, 09:05 PM
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Man he's been awesome this season in the Czech Republic.

Imagine if he can carry this momentum into an NHL season if we are to have one for 2012-13.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

His PPG (points per game) is up to 1.69 49 Pts in 29 games, while the leader in points (Ruziska) I think I misspelled his name has 1.71 PPG 53 Pts in 31 games.

He sure doesn't look 40 does he?

One thing I've noticed from the games is his confidence seems to be back. Above everything else, when Jagr was successful in the past (despite his fatigue level, body weight, speed, strength or health) it was his confidence that was at the forefront of this success.

Case in point Jagr in 2005-06 (after a few years of being average to good), he returned to being the best player in the NHL despite weighing 245 lbs and being much slower than he was in Pittsburgh.

Case and point 2, 2006-07; he struggled most of the season with his shoulder injury and recovering from it, his confidence was down and he didn't look so dominant. Then he seems to have gotten his confidence back in the last month of that season and then he was as dominant as ever and played that way in the playoffs.

Case and point 3, 2007-08, he looked rather out of shape and tired all season long and crawled to a 71 Pts finish (although the last few games he looked to be back). Then the playoffs started and Jagr declared he was ready to dominate which he did.
15 Pts in 10 playoffs games and was the best player of those playoffs through 2 rounds including outplaying Crosby and Malkin in the New York/ Pittsburgh series.

Jagr seems to be confident again and wants the puck and wants to lead the team. I know it's not the NHL but if he can display the same type of attitude in the NHL once it resumes then I don't see why he can't still be a dominant player even at this stage of his career.

Last year in Philadelphia, it took him a good 10 games to reaccustom himself to the NHL game after playing on the big ice for 3 seasons. Then he was playing at a very high level for the next 30 games or so, even hovering around the PPG mark for the first half of the season. The only thing that was off was that first he seemed to differ to Giroux on the ice and second he wasn't commanding the puck or his position along the half walls on the powerplay. Then of course he got injured and never really recovered; struggling with the reoccuring groin/ hip and as well falling out of favor with Laviollette's system and seeing his icetime reduced.

I personally think it will be different in Dallas. He will be given more responsibilities on the offense and will be asked to carry more of the load and to also run the powerplay.

I see Jagr more so resembling the 2006-07 (last month of that season and playoffs) and 2007-08 playoffs Jagr than the 2011-12 Jagr.

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