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12-21-2012, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Huge94 View Post
I was wandering on HockeyDB when I encountered what has got to be one of the worst Habs draft ever. In 1995, out of our 9 picks, only one (Stéphane Robidas) went on to have an NHL career whereas nearly all the others have quit hockey altogether only a couple of years later... Here are our other picks:

- 1st: Terry Ryan (8 NHL games, retired in 2003)
- 2nd: no pick
- 3rd: Miroslav Guren (36 NHL games, is playing in Italy after a 2-year retirement)
- 3rd: Martin Hohenberger (0 NHL games, retired 4 years ago)
- 4th: Jonathan Delisle (1 NHL games, retired 6 years ago)
- 5th: Niklas Anger (0 NHL games, retired)
- 6th: Boyd Olson (0 NHL games, retired in 2000)
- 7th: Stephane Robidas (great pick)
- 8th: Greg Hart (0 NHL games, retired the year after we drafted him)
- 9th: Eric Houde (30 NHL games, retired after playing in LNAH)

With Robidas: 874 NHL games divided in 9 players.
Without Robidas: 75 NHL games divided in 8 players.

Now I know the draft is not an exact science and you never know, but what an awful, awful draft. Most of these guys were not even good enough to have a journeyman career in Europe or lower leagues.
Just to make the pain worst

With the 1st round pick we could have had

Jarome Iginla
Petr Sykora
Radek Dvorak

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