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12-21-2012, 09:42 PM
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I hate Houle, the GM, with a passion. But unless it's been proven that the GM totally hired an incompetent, people overestimate the real power of a GM in an amateur draft. GM's bigger job is to hope he hired the right person. But Houle didn't had such a poor draft in 1999, just like Houle isn't the one who had such a great draft in 1998. And imagine if we would have went with Gagné instead....Hould would NOT have had one of the best drafts ever....The worst draft ever? Everything could be debatable....but not what's important. We stalled in the team's development in their lack of competent 1st rounders in the 90's. You can trade and sign every plugger you want, but you have a harder time doing that to gamechanging players.

Somehow, though with NOT the same level of idiocy and far from it, 1st rounders are also Timmins weakest strength (if that makes sense). 2007 was incredible great. 2005 could have been so much worst. And time will tell from 2009 to 2011 so that record could go way up in a nick of time. But as of now....he's much more impressive in other rounds.

And I will have to say this. While 1995, or whatever draft looks and is indeed incredibly bad in the 1990's....2006 was, in retrospect, awful as well. What makes a draft awful? How many high picks, what players were available and so on. 4 picks out of the first 70 in 2006 with a couple of really interesting players around, 2 being from the league that was almost drafted the less by the NHL and should not have been the case from us (Giroux and Marchand). Again, this is ALL in retrospect. In hindsight. I do remember that I wanted Giroux a whole lot (with Berglund some will remember....), and I'm not even sure I had any interest in Marchand, I think I do remember that his game would never translate.....But the game we're playing now is hindisight so here it is.

But obviously, draft that almost didn't produce 1 NHL'er out of 12-15 picks...well that's beyond awful, I know.

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