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Originally Posted by grahamgill31450 View Post
I've been thinking about something like this for a long time and it would be awesome. There would possibly be a problem with schuduling, like that one team doesn't play more games than another and so forth. I imagine it would work something like this;

ex: The Barrie Colts travel to Halifax to play all of the maritimes teams and then the maritimes teams travel to Barrie (and other teams near Barrie) at some point in the season.
sort of I was thinking doing something like matching up 6 teams 2 from each conference(and the matching would switch every other year) like Halifax, Saint Johns, Barrie, Missassauga, Vancouver, Victoria. then Q travels to WHL, WHL travels to OHL, and OHL travels to the Q so the schedule would look something like

Week 1:
Friday: Halifax @ Vancouver / Saint John's @ Victoria
Sunday: Halifax @ Victoria / Saint Johns @ Vancouver

Week 2:
Friday:Vancouver @ Barrie / Victoria @ Missassauga
Sunday: Victoria @ Barrie / Vancouver @ Missassauga

Week 3:
Friday: Barrie @ Halifax / Missassauga @ Saint Johns
Sunday Missassauga @ Halifax / Barrie @ Saint Johns

do that once a year then the following year they would reverse the schedule and the Barrie/Missassauga would go to Vancouver/Victoria, Vancouver/Victoria would go to Halifax/Saint Johns and Halifax Saint Johns would go to Barrie and Missassauga. after that you would recreate new groups so over time there is always a different matchup thus eventually through a 18 year span every team will have visited every CHL rink.

so each league would only travel once per year but play teams from both leagues. the biggest issue is that the WHL has 22 teams the OHL 20 and Q 18 so there might be a harder time fitting teams in. however starting with the Q which has the least amount of teams you would get 9 groups so in 2 of the groups add a 3rd OHL team and in 4 of the groups add a WHL team. so 6 of the 9 groups would have 7 teams, and instead of playing 2 games in the weekend they would play 3 when playing the league with an extra team. then for the remaining 3 groups who would be down a game just have them play an extra game vs the team they were paired with in there own league. also in the groups of 7 the league which has the 3 teams in the group would need an extra game aswell but again there even numbers so it would be easy to schedule them in that game against other teams with 3 teams from there league in there group.

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