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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
I find the conversation interesting (though perhaps not appropriate for this forum). I enjoy opiates and occasionally take them recreationaly, in what would be deemed an 'abusive' manner, yet I do so roughly once per three weeks or about 15-20 times over the course of a year. I have heard dozens of people talk about how habit forming they are and witnessed friends and acquaintances be shipped off to rehab, become drug seeking low-life shells of their former selves and even witnessed a few deaths (of younger kids from the area, none whom I knew personally). I have never formed a habit. I've indulged the same (roughly) 15-20 times per year for at least 3-4 years now and have barely upped the dose, let alone formed a habit.

Now, I've also been able to smoke cigarettes (about one pack per two days, for about 3-4 months solid) and then just stop cold turkey because I no longer got enjoyment out of it, in the past, so I don't think I have a very habit forming personality, but I find it interesting because, in the illicit and yet 'innocent' way that I occasionally indulge myself, I find opiates to be kind of... a very positive influence in my life. When I do decide to use them, it's usually almost ritualistic in the sense that it's not just a cheap thrill but something that I look forward, prepare for and set aside an entire evening for, and the effects are typically calming and euphoric and provide a much needed respite from regular life. Often, a lot of clarity is gleamed from that one evening and than put to use in a positive manner in the days that follow. I understand that most people have a difficult time maintaining a healthy respect for the substances they use and that a lot of lives have been ruined because of pain killers, but I maintain that there's really nothing wrong with the use that I have put them to. I know most will disagree.
I do not and have not ever used pain meds recreationally. The times i've had then were always prescribed. I have seen people while at work that you could set your watch to when it comes to when they need their next dose and some with doses that would put me out for a week. I'm 6'6" 200lbs so I'm not tiny. Just throwing my 2 cents in.

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