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Originally Posted by Hi-wayman View Post
There is no way that Kane is worth a legitimate NHL level #1 defenseman. They are too rare and few teams have one. At the same time there is no way Yandle is a legitimate NHL level #1 defenseman. Gormley is the only defenseman you have that has the potential to possibly develop into one but if he does, that won't happen for many years to come. There is a slight potential O.E.L. could change from a primarily offensive defenseman to a solid two way defenseman at franchaise level, but more likely he will round out as a legitimate NHL level #3.

Just because Yandle fills the team's #1 defenseman roster spot does not mean he has the same game influencing skills as true #1 defensemen such as Chara or Webber have. At NHL defenseman level, Yandle would be considered a legitimate #3 defenseman. A highly skilled, offensive oriented defenseman capable of playing big minutes. A #2 NHL defenseman is a soild two way defenseman who plays big minutes with relatively few mistakes and is usually the steadying influence of the defense core. A legitimate #1 NHL defenseman plays big minutes and though is as skilled as a #2 defenseman tend to take more chances but who's overall play can often influence the outcome of the game. Generally a legitimate #1 NHL defenceman is the team's franchiase player.

For example, the Canucks have five ligitimate top 4 defensemen on their roster and not one of them is a legitmate NHL #1 defenseman. Edler, if he continues to develop may develop into a #1 defenseman in 2 or 3 years if he is lucky and continues to improve.
You have watched OEL play right? He is actually quite sound defensively... He is actually the best 2 way defenseman we have and he's still maturing. I would say OEL has the best chance to be a #1 defenseman on 25 of 30 teams in the next 2-4 years. Why do you think every one wants some OEL juice? Because the kids a stud.

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