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12-22-2012, 04:18 AM
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This Bills series has been a miserable failure and a serious miscalculation for Rogers.

By paying $78 million for 8 games (including 3 meaningless exhibition games) Rogers had to charge astronomical prices in order to break even. Turns out Torontonians weren't willing to pay any price to satisfy their thirst for the NFL. As a result, Rogers is bathing in red ink from this debacle.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is no extension of this series in 2013. Rogers might chalk it up to "unforseen circumstances" or some such nonsense in order to try and save face.

And boy, is it hard to save face when you can only sell 40000 seats in a 54000 seat facility at an average price of $99 (nearly half the $180 average from 4 years ago)...with reportedly thousands of those given away as freebies.

To those of you here who claim to use "logic" in your arguments in support of a Toronto NFL team, tell me, what reasons has the city provided to intrigue Roger Goodell and the owners. And no, silly comments like, "Oh, there are 5.5 million people in Toronto and 9 million in southern Ontario which will make it a surefire hit," don't cut the mustard.

The burden of proof lies with Toronto, but what have they proven? There has been tepid support for their own CFL team for the better part of 25 years with a few (years) exceptions. There has been the recent Bills-Toronto series plagued by embarrassing turnouts despite huge discounts and apparent widepread dispersal of free tickets.

This does not even cover the issue of an inadequate stadium..Rogers Centre has poor sightlines as several thousand seats are tarped off due to being too low to the ground..not to mention the fact the capacity of the stadium is found wanting...something an expansion of seating into the former hotel will not solve. Good luck finding someone to build you a stadium too as the feds have made it abundantly clear they are not in the business of funding pro sports stadiums. Considering the financial state of the province and the city don't look for any answers there either.

Then there is the issue of ownership. Who will own the team Toronto? The NFL has a policy against corporations owning teams so that eliminates Rogers as a potential suiter. Who else is there? I haven't heard any rumors about an individual interested in becoming an owner. Toronto's poor response to the Bills series might have scared off potential investors...

Back to the stadium and fan support, suppose a stadium could be built with the majority of it being funded privately. Do you think there are 50,000 Torontonians who will pay on average $15,000 - $20,000 for PSLs plus the ongoing yearly costs of $1000 per season ticket (on average) and $3000 - $4000 per club season ticket in the new stadium especially if the team is a perrenial non-playoff contender? Are there 150 corporations and/or wealthy individuals willing to pay $100,000 - $250000 PSL for a suite and the ongoing yearly costs of $100000+ for the privelege of watching the Toronto NFLers?

This are questions that need to be answered in a positive manner or at least there needs to be some positive momentum to resolve these issues if Toronto has any hope of getting an NFL team. Right now, arguably, London is seens as a more intriguing option to the commissioner and the owners. They have a suitable stadium, sellouts/near sellouts in a 85,000 seat facility and a population that dwarfs Toronto (10 million in London and 30 million or so within the southern area of the United Kingdom).

So Toronto, why should the league invest in your city? Do you have something substantive other than the population argument?

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