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Originally Posted by lazerbullet View Post
Based on what? Guy has size and skill. Can shoot better than the most. He is not a bad skater. He has pretty much all the attributes that one wishes. He is pretty much prime Todd Bertuzzi based on his attributes. But in reality he is nowhere near that level.
I think this is wishful thinking that he should be as good as Bert in his hay day.

If the standard for Franzen is "be in the running for the scoring title" like Bertuzzi was, then yeah, there's going to be some disappointment.

Seems Khan as picked up on this:

Weaknesses: For his size and skill set, he should be one of the game's premier power forwards. But he takes too many nights off where he makes little impact. Needs to play with more intensity on a consistent basis. Despite his size and strength, he gets roughed up a lot, and he doesn't dish it out enough.

I guess I don't get it. If he truly did all of those things asked of him, wouldn't he be a clockwork 70-80 point player in the same class as Kovalchuk, Gaborik, and Iginla? I don't see Franzen's game as anywhere near those guys. If he can throw up nearly 60 points a year while taking nights off and having little intensity, really trying his ass off should be good for another 10 or 15 points right? Rick Nash is considered a premier power forward. The stats are almost identical the last few seasons, though.

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