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12-22-2012, 06:45 AM
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Read LeBrun's recent article outlining the many differences that need to be bridged between the sides. Forget the spin. The NHL and NHlPA are not close. For example, the owners want a 50-50 spilt plus $300 million make whole. The players want $300 million make whole plus a guaranteed floor of $67.5 million ( in 2011-12 the floor was $65 million per season) migrating to 50-50 in seasons when that spilt exceeds $67.5 million per team. There are 10 other issues where the divide is as great.

It is a basic axiom of negotiations that the parties need to reduce the issues to a handful in order to be able to wrap it up. The general strategy is to negotiate away the small issues first. Here Fehr's strategy is the opposite. He continuously interjects new issues and declines to negotiate away the smaller issues. This is generally the strategy pursued by a party that has most of the leverage. The end game of this strategy is to wait until the deadline and then watch the weaker party fold.

From where I am sitting, Fehr appears to have made a major miscalculation. This is not the 1970's. The NBAPA, a much stronger association in a much more prominent sport, failed to achieve anything close to what Fehr is attempting. Fehr has managed to do a good job uniting the players behind him, but I fear that they are now on a course to follow him off a cliff.

As for me, I am glad my buddies and me kept our NBA tickets. As for NHL hockey, it appears it will soon be season cancelled.

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