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12-22-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueDream View Post
The Blues have been around for 45 years with no Cup. What's another 6 years to me? Yeah it'd suck, but I'm not gonna quit rooting for the Blues just because they go through a rebuild. I think the NHL would be ******** to do this and I think it's a last-straw solution that probably won't ever happen, but I'd sure as hell rather this happen than for there to be no hockey at all. That's just my opinion on it. I'm tired of the lockout. Just give me hockey, I'm not saying I ever want this hypothetical thing to happen because yeah it wouldn't work out well for us, but if it did happen and it meant they resumed playing, I would suck it up. I just wanna watch hockey, but that's fine if many disagree with me. I just don't think I could ever quit watching the NHL...As much as they might deserve to lose fans, I'm too attached at this point to cut ties. Now would I go to as many games as I do now? Probably not, but I would still watch just about every game on TV. Sorry if my post came across as harsh...I'm just saying I will always root for the Blue Note regardless of what the roster looks like. The 2005-2006 season was painful...but I watched all 82 of those sad games , so no point in stopping now IMO.
I am not going to claim to know what I will decide, but my gut says I will continue on strongly as a Blues fan.Your story is just about spot on for my case as well.

As for the NHL, I will not follow other games outside the Blues. No more watching nationally televised games, NHL Network, nor visiting at least not for a few years. If I can think of other ways to show my disgust for the league then my list will grow.

If the Blues cease to exist in the NHL, I will be done with the league. That does not mean I will quit watching/following hockey. Rather, my time will be spent following other leagues. I liken that to how I can watch college football and basketball, but want nothing to do with the NBA or NFL.

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